A Vision Of Paradise

Its a literary piece depicting positivity and optimism in ones life. The world full of shortcomings and darkness, but there is a light, a vision that we must endeavour and move forth for it.


The chimes of the bells will never descry the view
For the dead will rise again bathing in blood anew
The sands of time will unleash its sorrows
Howl of the deafening wind will fill the burrows
Rise up to the sky to see the morrow
For the ground will be filled with sights of horror
Cunning. Calculating, Ruthless..
Deception waits for you at every single second.
Lying next to you are crumbles of broken emotions
Feasting on your soul and mind..
Aye,they kill. 
They kill and bath in your dead dreams,
Silent screams and emotions..
Free yourself from the chains of the long lost life
Waking up to a new world, whatever betide
Hearts of fire, burn that cage
Engulf yourself in the new awakening rage
Like the sound of the dead bird’s song
The past shall be long lost and gone
The world shall look alive and well, with troubles begone..
It will glamour itself..
Words of hope will thus fill everyone’s book
And the phoenix shall rise again from the ashes……
It will be the devil’s homecoming.
With truth and honour at stake,
Damned emotions and broken relations..
Will come at you with weapons unsheathed.

Is it that necessary to answer a dead man’s calling?
For nothing is lost, as long as..
Thy life is worth living..
So, Rise up to the sky to see the morrow
For the ground will be filled with sights of horror.
Dreams will come calling from the heaven above 
The sun will shine like it has never shone enough 
You gotta have a dream for which you have to fight 
Fight through the storm, let the fuel in you ignite 
Behind every song, there’s a story inbound
Look up to the sky right where you belong
There’s something in you that u wanna prove?
The world will come crashing around you..
But hey,
Dont you dare make a truce. 
Paradise rings a bell far aloof
It comes riding on a wild horse..
And no one knows how to reign it.
The world unchained, uncensored.. 
And free of any pre dictated doctrine,
With motions and emotions in check..
A place where everyone loves themselves..
That is Paradise, my love..
Peace is not about some flying doves..
With olive branches and a crown on top.
But with a lot of hatred shagging off..
Its time for you to rise above hate..
To finally get to know what you can make 
With your vision of paradise..unchained.

Gone are the days

Belligerent and cold the dark hour was

Filled with shrieks of a sudden fear
Beneath the dark and black icy hue
Our songs remained,  but with a deep sighing tear
Much like the claws of black steel shear

Trampling of our shoes faded away
Laughter and smiles lost their way
Its pillars and alleys will no more attend to our calls
Can we discern its lost view on the other side of the walls?

Like lost falling leaves we came, brought by the wind
Emerged as a tree, with leaves of fresh green
Million rays evergreen from the serene sparkling sun
Held united amidst us, everlasting till eon
Though we had disputes, but nimbly they drowned
As the love shared in verve and rapture faded every frown

Can we spread our homecoming wings?
To the Haven we all evoke in our daydreams

Now when we reminisce the days with eyes dreamy
All we descry are bits of an old memory
Like the buzz of a dead bee’s wing
Our voice on its hallowed grounds will no longer sing

Can we reverse back the sands of time?
Return as the lost rings of its bell 
~Uddipta Khataniar 

One Last Song

I wake up to the calls of your voiceless soul.
I had so much but yet I wanted something more.
Life is a definite whore
And I’m left now with your soundless calls.

Oh baby, I’m lost.
Lost in those eyes of yours.
Lost in your broken soul.
Lost in that voice of yours.
Will you sing a one last song?
One last song;
Just once more.

Help me find my way,
Riding through this tornado.
I’m drifting away
Locked up in this cage
Cruising through time and space
Lost in this place
Your soundless calls keep me awake..

Maybe, I’m lost..
I am lost in them, curves of yours
Lost in those eyes of yours.
Your broken soul,
Makes me want you even more
So much more
Life is such a whore
Care for me just once more.

I know my way away from you.
I have the key to my cage
I know my way out of this place
But your voiceless soul drags me back
Memories run like a tape,
Rewinding to the things we had.
And I’m stuck..
Lost in your soothing voice
And I wait..
For one last song.
Will you sing that song?
I will sing along.
Baby, all night long
I’ll sing that song.

Let’s dance along
To that one last song
All night long
We will dance along
All alone, we will cry along.
Will you sing that song?
Just give me our one last song..
Oh that song
Oh that song


Ayan Kalita

Problems- The Spectrum of Life

Do you have any problem?

A depressed, sad, angry.. person would say ‘yes’, while a nonchalant, happy.. person would say ‘no’.

But that’s where the plothole appears.. Everyone has problems.

We live in a world full of problems. Some that can be solved and others that are compromised with. No living being on this planet is devoid of problems. But, how do we keep calm and be happy even while getting suffocated or choked by a horde of various problems?

Life is all about problems. How you tackle them is what determines your fate. The mistakes or the coarse of action that you choose, determines your future; with respect to your past. Such is the unique design of life, where everything is connected. 

Ever wondered, if you had a time machine and you could just go back to maybe avoid some particular problem or a mistake that you made in the past? If time machines actually existed and if people used it for the purpose I mentioned, then trust me it’d change the whole thing upside down. If the ‘past’ gets changed, so does the ‘present’ and then the ‘future’. You lose everything that you had in the ‘present’, along with the problems even the happy memories and the people you met.. will be gone. You will just have a new set of happy memories and people, along with a new set of problems.

Life is complicated but it is a pattern or a spectrum which can be understood. No single person is truly satisfied of life. Everyone has problems and happiness is just an illusion. But yet, most people are happy. So, it all comes down to our outlook towards life; our approach to the problems; our way of maintaining that illusion of happiness.
At times, people are facing the same problems, but yet some are happy and some are not. Optimism, self confidence and a positive outlook towards problems is the key to be happy. We human beings are social creatures and most of us fear solitude. Even introverts at some point or at every single point of their life wish that they have someone to talk to, to understand, to love. Most introverts that I personally know, have atleast one person, they are completely true to.
Aye, Life fucks us all; Not once but a series of random fucks. But it is up to us, to see it as just hindrances that we need to overcome to become something bigger.. or get overwhelmed by it, curl up in a shell and hope to die.

The future is uncertain, even in the bleakest and the darkest present that you may have.. you can never predict is the future is fucked up as well.And this uncertainty is the hope that push people forward.

 But the thing is, we can actually be certain about our future..because with a positive outlook to the problems of the present, we learn to bring positivity in the future, whatever our past may be.

So, next time anyone asks you, “Do you have any problem?” 

Tell them, “Yes, I have many. But I can handle them.”

-Ayan Kalita